• All Booths Meet ISO Standards
  • Nationwide Service
  • Infrared Wireless System
  • Conference Microphone Systems
  • Soundproof Interpreters’ Booths

When delegates at your next meeting or conference need interpretation, WCIS has the solution. We provide the industry's best, most attractive, wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment from the industry's leading manufacturer -- Philips/Bosch. Within hours of your call we can set up an interpretation system tailored to your exact needs, maintain and modify it during the event, and quickly remove it when the event is over.

A full interpretation system consists of:

  • microphone for each two delegates and the chairman
  • infra-red transmitters and radiators to broadcast translations throughout the room
  • a central control unit and power supply
  • a multi-channel interpreter's desk housed in an attractive booth for each language
  • hand-held or clip-on receivers for delegates who need to move around the hall
  • interpreters available upon request

(If you just need additional microphones for your in-house sound system, WCIS can provide them.)

For groups requiring more portable equipment, WCIS provides the Williams Sound Tour Guide System. Your tour guide or group leader wears a compact, body-pack transmitter and headset microphone. Each member of the group uses a portable receiver and lightweight headphones to hear every word clearly, even if he or she is in another part of the room.